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Operation Rosary
Fund a Need! 

"Day in the Life of Our Military"
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Huntington Learning Center
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Bidding Ends - November 3rd, 2013 10:00 pm MT


The St. Mark's Catholic School 2013 Auction Campaign will provide supplemental funding that is essential to the academic endeavors of our children's education.  The money raised through this event will ensure all students, Kindergarten through 8th Grade, will have the opportunities for academic excellence, community service, and learning in a faith based environment.  Every dollar raised will be allocated specifically for the operations of our Home and School Association, directly benefitting each child at St. Mark's School.  We will be able to pay for the 2008 building addition that provided more classrooms and a computer lab for our students, give teacher bonuses at the holidays, and allow for continued classroom improvements.  Thank you for supporting our cause!   


We love cash donations and so should you!  Can you say "tax deduction"?  


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Top 10 Items!

  1. Starlight Mountain Theatre-- 4 Show Tickets Season 2014
  2. Two Night Stay in McCall
  3. Operation Rosary
  4. Tax Deduction!
  5. Ice Cream with Fr. Ben
  6. Enjoy 20 pounds of Halibut from Sitka Alaska
  7. Premier Street Parking at St. Mark's School
  8. Free Dress Day $10
  9. Mr. B & Ms. K tie the knot!!! - school wedding reception
  10. Pre-Owned Giannini Classical Guitar with Case and Guitar Stand